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1.the act of receiving a tickling sensation around the ass hole, usually given by a neurotic and/or tang-or-rang hoochie. 2. a shot in beer pong that rims around the cup and "rims" out, could be applied in any sport with balls and circle
In the act of shooting beer pong: Man I just got Will J'd!

Dude: That chick was so caring she gave me a Will J!
by Russell the Luv Muscle April 05, 2008
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-pronounced will-dge
-the act of being shady and conniving toward someone, grimy
A: Ayyy, did you grab my cash off the table?
B: ...Nah, man...
A: Man, don't willj me!

That boy was willjin when he was cakin' with that girl. He lied about everything!
by Honey Bufante December 07, 2010

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