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"1. The Wilhelm Scream is one of a series of short painful screams performed by an actor that were recorded in 1951 for the Warner Brother's film ""Distant Drums."" They were used for a scene where a man is bitten and dragged underwater by an alligator. The recording was archived into the studio's sound effects library -- and it was used in many of their films since. ""Star Wars"" Sound Designer Ben Burtt tracked down the scream recording - which he named ""Wilhelm"" from a character who let out the same scream in ""Charge at Feather River (1953)."" Ben has adopted the scream as sort of a personal sound signature, and has worked it into as many films as he can as well as other sound designers, ~150 movies and counting.
2. The sound made by a (newbie) to anal sex. 3. The sound heard in one's head when things have gone terribly bad."
1. Dude! Did you hear that zombie let out a Wilhelm scream when it got it's leg cut off. 2. Roberto let out a Wilhelm Scream as he got introduced to the joy of prison sex by his new jail cellmate Bubba. 3. Gawd! I think I am having a heart attack. I should never have back packed alone and more than 5 miles into the woods {Wilhelm Scream}.
by Roland819 December 05, 2006
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A stock sound effect that has appeared in over 115 movies. One of the places you can hear it is in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when a Nazi's grenade explodes, throwing a solider down a hill.
If you ask him nicely enough, Joe might do a perfect Wilhelm Scream.
by Centgamer July 19, 2005

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