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1. A stock sound effect originally from the movie Distant Drums, released in 1951. Many speculate that the sound was voiced by actor Sheb Wooley, as he was credited as a voice actor for the film. Since then, many sound designers have used the wilhelm scream as a sort of inside joke.
It has been featured in films by Quentin Tarantino, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, many Disney films, and quite a few more. More recently, the wilhelm scream has been used in television shows, music, video games, and internet videos.

2. A Wilhelm Scream is a melodic hardcore punk band from New Bedford, Massachusetts, started in 1996. Having been previously gone under the names Smackin' Isaiah and Koen, the band changed its name to A Wilhelm Scream, a reference to the above stock sound effect. Many critics have referenced Strike Anywhere, Propagandhi, and Hot Water Music as similar artists.
1. Hey, did you hear the Wilhelm Scream in God of War? The sound designer must have had sense of humor.

2. Dude! I got my ticket to see A Wilhelm Scream and The Unseen on March 30th! I'm gonna mosh my socks off!
by Highanxietymind December 28, 2007
Badger Patrol Alpha is a secret society created to combat the evils of Wolverine Squadron X. Badger Patrol Alpha members have sworn to uphold the Code of the Badger (see below), and may never reveal themselves as being members of Badger Patrol Alpha, so that the lowly Wolverine Squadron X members cannot target their families.
I, Badger (insert code here), am a Badger Patrol Alpha member, and I will maintain values that my Badger forefathers set before me. I will do my best to battle the evil, malicious ways of Wolverine Squadron X. I will remain true to this pledge beyond my last breath, holding steady in my integrity into death.
by Highanxietymind February 07, 2008
The wedding band worn by a married couple, saying that the ring is a restrictive device (similar to handcuffs).
Mark used to party, but he's got a finger cuff now.
by Highanxietymind March 23, 2008

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