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The scapegoat for everything; the reason that anything bad happens in the world.
*Stubs toe*

*Guy gets cock-blocked*
Fuckin Wil Gibb!

*The toilet paper roll is empty*
Wil Fuckin' Gib!

*You fall out of your bed onto the floor*
I Wil Gibbed onto the floor hard.

*Someone is about to get in a fight with you*
You better check yourself before you Wil Gibb yourself!

*The ice cube tray is empty*
What the Wil Gibb?

*Wil Gibb ends up being your doctor*
What the Wil Gibb Wil Gibb?

*Anything bad happens*
Son of a Wil Gibb!!!
by lagnew16 September 25, 2011

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