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A word originally coined by the poster known as "Spamcan" at the now defunct AGB forums ( when angry at another member's "new age" ideology. It is normally said in a derogatory fashion of some sort, although it has been used in a more affectionate manner.

1.One who engages or believes in earth based spirituality or pacifistic drug based philosophies as part of a larger social counterculture with a basis relating to religion, health or politics often leading to socially unacceptable and potentially dangerous practices.

2.One who exploits a person meeting the requirements of definition #1 for personal gain or financial profit.
The wikkie hippan genus includes (but is not limited to): druggies, hippies, vegans, wikkans, ultra-liberals, communists, and Canadians.

1.(Definition 1) "If I have to hear another tree-hugging veggie-fuck wikkie hippan tell me how poor my lifestyle is, I'm gonna go postal!"

2. (Definition 1)
Person 1: "So I passed another <anti-war/pro-choice/animal-rights/pro-marijuana> rally on my way to work today."
Person 2: "Yeah, those god-damned wikkie hippans are at it again."

3.(Definition 2) "I can't believe McDonalds created an Atkins menu. Those freaking wikkie hippans!"
by Mouse March 27, 2005
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