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Also, known as Wik-Town. Wikiup is a neighborhood located in Larkfield, CA, between Santa Rosa and Windsor in the unincorporated area of both towns. Wikiup/Larkfield is often over looked due to its northern position of Santa Rosa.
"I don't want to drive all the way out to Wikiup!"
"Dude, it's not that far away!"
by Boss Money July 16, 2006
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To look something up on wikipedia. Usually used in the command form. Derived from a simplification of "look it up!" and "wikipedia" Also sounds much better than, "google it!"
Can be problematic when assuming wikipedia is the end all be all of knowledge.
Can also be used to refer to wiki how.
"You don't believe me that there's such a thing as flying fish??? Wiki up! They're totally in the arctic!"

"I don't know how to make a highball, wiki up!"
by stonahsarah February 03, 2009
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To overshoot an intersection or driveway and have to turn around in a parking lot to get back on track.
Crap, I missed the turn. I'll do a wiki-up to the left here.
by bezel333 January 01, 2006
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This is when you read up on some subject, via Wikapedia. It can mean a Native American dwelling, but to stay informed, it's necessary to Wikiup
I decided to Wikiup on Rick Perry. Oh man, I learned a lot!
by Beanie Girl August 30, 2011
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