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A know it all person who acts like a dick when communicating a fact.
Why does Bill act like a wikipenis all the time.
by Supertrooper6969 November 21, 2010
1. slang for Wikipedia
2. e-penis specific to Wikipedia.
"I'm not sure, let me look it up on wikipenis."
"That guy's wikipenis is huge, he knows so much trivia."
"That guy takes Wikipedia too seriously, he needs to keep his wikipenis in check."
by Anon212 January 19, 2008
a penis that is so aesthetically pleasing that it could be featured on wikipedia. But can describe other dope objects.
"My man's dick is so perfect it's a wikipenis."

"That vegetarian curry she made was wikipenis."

"That shit was so wikipenis I almost took a picture."
by Leah & Tony May 04, 2008

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