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When researching a specific topic or company on wikipedia, you are compelled by curiousity to click on a topic either directly or indirectly related to said topic
Example 1:

Man 1: Shit man I was totally wikijumping on my project. I started looking at puppies and ended up at Bondage

Example 2:

Damn thanks to all of AIG's assets i have 10 tabs of related companies...

by SpellingAndGrammarChecker January 22, 2009
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When reading an article on Wikipedia, you click a link within the article and jump to a related article. On said related article, you click yet another link to a different article.

Often the article you end up with is not at all related to the original--like playing the game Telephone. This continues until half of your night is wasted.
To spend time wiki jumping:
1: Read article about Anime. Article links to Otaku.
2: Read article about Otaku. Article links to Serial Killers.
3: Read article about Serial Killers. Article links to the UniBomber.
4. Read article about UniBomber. Article links to Iowa.
5. Read article about Iowa. Article links to Corn.
6. Rinse and repeat.

Anime != Corn
by 403forbidden November 17, 2010
Going to a random article on Wikipedia then clicking on a link of a word that vaguely interests you, once there, click on another word that interests you. Rinse and repeat. This is a common method for bored people to pass time.
Marc: Have you finished your essay thats due tomorow?
Dan: AAAAGH! no ive just been wikijumping this whole time... :S
Marc: you'd better get to work dude....
Dan: did you know star trek can lead to Tinnitus?
Marc: ...
by Delusional Dave June 07, 2009

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