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A lame ass person that posts exaggerated boastful things about themselves or mean spirited things about others. It can also be used to describe a person that posts false information on social sights or other digital media.
Person1: Did you see that lame ass shit Nikki posted about herself on urban dictionary?
Person 2: Yeah. She’s such a Wiki Dick.
by JoeJo Dancer March 31, 2015
A wikidick is the token douchebag know-it-all posting all over whatever thread you may be viewing. This person loves to correct everything you say down to minute grammar.

Although commonly mistaken for a troll, or a grammar nazi, you'll be happy to know there is now a distinct difference.

A wikidick is someone who achieves superficial satisfaction by stalking threads and correcting any or all posters by way of leeching the popular site "wikipedia."
see also: internet police, grammar police, faggot.

User 1.
I was trying to have a conversation when some troll whore started spamming me. He keeps saying that my understanding of Greek architecture is limited and frankly insulting.

User 2.
That's no troll whore. That's a wikidick who wants to be taken seriously

User 1.
by Garbad the Coward January 05, 2009

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