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Some one who is continuously on wikipedia for at least 5 hours a day
Person 1: Dude, you have been on wikipedia forever today.
Person 2: Shut up, I am on wikipedia.
Person 1: Wikiaddict...
by JOey Foee February 13, 2010
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Someone who can't live without wikipedia. will most likely have wikipedia as their home page, and in extreme cases may have the wikipedia home page as their desktop background. They can spend anywhere up to 500 plus days on wikipedia without the need for food, after which they wikipedia 'Food' to make them eat again. These addict's usually are male and have the name JOSH. and if anyone dis's wikipedia they will choke them to death. If these addict's dont fullfil their daily wikipedia requirements they can end up in a wikipedia induced coma, which may result in death. An easy way to know if someone is a wiki addict, they usually know everthing and start "nerdjacking"!, only because they wiki everything
Metro 2033 is awesome!!!!!!

Josh, you havent even played it before, you have just wikied it.


You Wiki addict!
by GLITCHYFANBOY June 25, 2011
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