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a game played on wikipedia. a friend picks a start article and an end article. the rules are as follows:
you cannot search anything once at the start article.
you can only click on links in the article.
you cannot go back.
you cannot open a new tab.
when you reach the destination article, tag someone else and give them a destination
Been playing WikiTag for an hour! got from "regular show" all the way to "brad pitt". your turn!
by Clip Jesus May 05, 2011
A game in which two or more people use wikipedia to find the most outrageous article. All players begin on the same article, and may or may not be given a limit of clicks. Most players record their tag clicking for reference in case of an accusation of cheating.
Jon: Ok, we started wiki tag on Mega Man. Where are we?
Nick: Kama Sutra
Josh: the Emo Subculture
Jon: Nick wins, hands down.
by gibsonrokker November 12, 2009
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