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the act of receiving a sexual favor, most notably a blow job while playing the Nintendo Wii.
See that girl over there, she gives a great Wii-J.
by KevinOwen November 23, 2009
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WiiJ is an abbreviation of Wii-Jockey.

A Wii Jockey is someone who has mastered more than one aspect of gaming on the Nintendo Wii.

Someone who is good at a single game but sucks at everything else does not qualify for WiiJ status, only true multigame masters qualify for this title.
Girl #1: Went to Jason's house at the weekend and took some of my Wii games, thought it'd be a laugh but it sucked I stood no chance he's a total WiiJ.
Girl #2: My man Peter sucks at the Wii, you should play him sometime.


Guy #1: Haha whipped your ass at tennis too, I totally rule at Wii Sports!
Guy #2: Yeah but you're no WiiJ, I'm still the master of other titles.
by Old Pink December 12, 2006

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