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Name of someone whom is seen as god like to both sex's, ie Girls and Women.n Someone everyone has great admiration for and respect.
I love Wightman
by David Carmichael June 23, 2003
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A older gentleman who likes to wear a white leather thong. Some say he is a little kinky. Has a particular affection for one who has a likeness to the michelin man and the chuckle brothers. To me to you... He likes to use lamps.
He's such a Wightman
by prettycar1 May 16, 2009
A name only given to the end of the most wise, noble people. Most commonly put in from of the word CJ, it is used to show studlieness and muscle power. Any person who knows a Wightman should go find him and give him a hug, because most likely he has or will save your life sometime in the future.
Look that kid all the ladies are smelling, oh wait that's no a kid its CJ Wightman.
by CWIGHTMBOY November 07, 2011

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