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Wiggle Weld is used by the motor industry to repair brush on weld 'properly'.

After a brush on weld, the surfaces are heavily contaminated and cannot accept a propper weld. As a reuslt, the repairer must wiggle weld the area.

This is done by poking the welding torch into the hole, pushing the trigger and rapidly wiggling it about causing lumps of slag to stick at random to the surfaces. Slag, kown for its structural strength, then builds up and gradually fills the hole.

Unlike brush on weld, wiggle weld will generally pass an MOT!
Mechanic:- Some matey has brush on welded this car. Gonna have to wiggle weld it.

MOT Tester:- What the Fuck is that?! A Kin Wiggle weld?! Oh alright then!
by DMIG October 31, 2011
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