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Shit / weak / lame - can be used as general insult
Leyla has such Wiffy Banter..
Roser is just one big Wiff
by Gooders_Brunel April 12, 2010
another word for wifi
My local library has free wiffy.
by whiteisdum February 08, 2011
When someone makes an appointment that is in there best interest and fails to show up.
I don't understand why Bob went out of his way to get me to meet with him, then pulled a wiffy.

Sally wanted this job so bad, I set up an appointment with my boss and then she pulled a wiffy.

I posted my sofa for free on craigslist I got a call and they begged me to hold it for them and pick it up in 20 minutes, but they pulled a wiffy.
by Sandy Bottoms October 05, 2009
A well known and loved pairing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom, largerly used in fanfiction writings & discussions.

The pairing itself includes two of the main characters of the show - namely Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg.
Whedon sure was a generous man - he gave us plenty of canonic Wiffy scenes & emotions!
by XLadyT November 13, 2011
A win stiffy. The euphoric feeling you get after a large success that makes you feel like anything is possible.
Nick: Jesus tits, I just aced all my finals! I think I'm gonna go find a cure for cancer!

Tyler: Looks like somebody has a bit of a wiffy.
by E=M-C-Hammered November 05, 2011
The product that signals the end of all your troubles
dude! since i got this Wiffy life has never been so easy!
by That Wiffy Guy November 09, 2010

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