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Shit / weak / lame - can be used as general insult
Leyla has such Wiffy Banter..
Roser is just one big Wiff
by Gooders_Brunel April 12, 2010
When someone makes an appointment that is in there best interest and fails to show up.
I don't understand why Bob went out of his way to get me to meet with him, then pulled a wiffy.

Sally wanted this job so bad, I set up an appointment with my boss and then she pulled a wiffy.

I posted my sofa for free on craigslist I got a call and they begged me to hold it for them and pick it up in 20 minutes, but they pulled a wiffy.
by Sandy Bottoms October 05, 2009
another word for wifi
My local library has free wiffy.
by whiteisdum February 08, 2011
A well known and loved pairing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom, largerly used in fanfiction writings & discussions.

The pairing itself includes two of the main characters of the show - namely Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg.
Whedon sure was a generous man - he gave us plenty of canonic Wiffy scenes & emotions!
by XLadyT November 13, 2011
A win stiffy. The euphoric feeling you get after a large success that makes you feel like anything is possible.
Nick: Jesus tits, I just aced all my finals! I think I'm gonna go find a cure for cancer!

Tyler: Looks like somebody has a bit of a wiffy.
by E=M-C-Hammered November 05, 2011
The product that signals the end of all your troubles
dude! since i got this Wiffy life has never been so easy!
by That Wiffy Guy November 09, 2010