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Wienerschnitzel was started with the opening of a single hot dog stand in 1961. Today, they're the World's Largest Hot Dog Chain with over 300 restaurants in ten states and Guam. Besides their signature chili dog, they're also loved for their delicious corn dogs, chili cheese fries and chili cheeseburgers.

The chili cheese fries/chili dog combo is wonderful.
Hey Tony, let's go eat at Wienershnitzel for lunch today.
by Tony V January 19, 2006
A man who is obsessed with women, is perverted, and is a sex addict
My friend John has 10 wives, hes a major Wienershnitzel.
by Mr War October 27, 2006
The act of bieng a total and complete Dick and Fag.
Sircam was such a wienershnitzel when he Called Popovishka a wuss!
by Rick Garza August 03, 2005
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