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Two gentlemen become Wiener Twins when they engage in lovemaking with one female partner at the same time, in a spitroast or other position.

The gentlemen in question also become Wiener Brothers, but to a greater degree and with a far more powerful bond than your average pair of Wiener Brothers.

While not exactly at the same time, a Houdini 2 or houdini cheesecake both count.
Jay: hey Jeeves, guess what!
Jeeves: uhh, what?
Jay: me & Aaron spitroasted Barbara last night!
Aaron: WIENER TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Everyone: hoorayyyy!
#wiener twin #wiener cousins #wiener brothers #wiener triplets #wiener-in-laws #sex #male bonding #houdini 2 #houdini cheesecake
by Reiquaza August 02, 2010
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