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When two gentlemen have made love to the same woman on separate occasions, they are linked with an unbreakable bond and are known as Wiener Brothers.

Any form of sex (fanny, bum, mouth) will do, though the bond is that little bit tighter if both aforementioned wieners have visited the same orifice, or indeed more than one!

There is no expiration time, any duration between these sessions is allowed, though if all three parties are engaged in love making at the same time, the Wiener Twins rule comes into play.
Aaron: so you know Jeeves's new girlfriend?
Jay: Who? Chloe?
Aaron: Yeah... She and I played hide the salami a couple years ago..
Jay: Holy shit! You're wiener brothers! Mazel Tov!!!

by Reiquaza August 02, 2010
Two gentlemen become Wiener Twins when they engage in lovemaking with one female partner at the same time, in a spitroast or other position.

The gentlemen in question also become Wiener Brothers, but to a greater degree and with a far more powerful bond than your average pair of Wiener Brothers.

While not exactly at the same time, a Houdini 2 or houdini cheesecake both count.
Jay: hey Jeeves, guess what!
Jeeves: uhh, what?
Jay: me & Aaron spitroasted Barbara last night!
Aaron: WIENER TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Everyone: hoorayyyy!
by Reiquaza August 02, 2010
Two gentlemen become Wiener Cousins when both are Wiener Brothers with the same third gentleman.
To further explain, if Jeeves and Jay have had both made love to the same woman, thus becoming Wiener Brothers, and Jay and Aaron have both made love to a second woman, creating a second Wiener Brothers relationship, then Aaron & Jeeves are Wiener Cousins through their shared relationship with Jay.
Jeeves: So I porked Chloe the other day

Jay: Yay! That means you're Wiener Brothers with Aaron! And he & I are Wiener Brothers, so now you and I are Wiener Cousins!

Jeeves: Honey I'm so happyyy!

Jay: Me too, buddy. Me too. Now all you need to do is have sex with your mum and you & I will be Wiener Brothers too!
by Reiquaza August 02, 2010
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