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Wiener face is a contagious disease. It is caught when your face is touched by someone who gropes their penis. You can become a spreader of wiener face when you don't wash your hands after you piss, giving you wiener hands.
*boy touches girls face*
Girl: Did you wash your hands?
Boy: no...
Girl: EW I HAVE WIENER FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by WorriedHandWasher February 28, 2011
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1. To suck at life
2. Dork
3. Goofball

also see alternative spelling weinerface.
1. I can't believe you got a 50 on that test, you're such a wienerface.
2. You wienerface! Don't do homework instead of watching Zoolander!
3. You're such a wienerface, calm down and get in to bed with me....right now....
by G$ March 03, 2005
5 2
A wienerface is a male or female who is in possession of such a nose that it resembles the flacid skin of the penis
i was so drunk i fucked a wienerfaced chick
by ilovechestsnakes March 01, 2009
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1. A boy who is ugly.
2.A girl who is currently lebian or bi.
1. Andy, ur a wiener face, u ugly wiener face!
2.Mandy is a wiener face, she kisses girls.
by DJ ugly fugly March 17, 2009
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