The largest city in Kansas, though that's not saying much. While it is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Wichita is in fact a cultural hub and the air capital of the world containing world class malls, shops, museums, colleges, the Sedgwick County Zoo, and much of the United States' air industry.
Wichita, KS, of course.
by Theroha February 14, 2011
Top Definition
A nice little small city in south central Kansas with about 350,000 or so people. The west side is pretty boring and the east side is for rich people. Aircraft is a major industry like Learjet, Boeing, Raytheon, etc. Wichita is actually the aircraft capital of the world believe it or not. Lately it has been famous for BTK that was caught earlier this year.
"What? But I've worked at Boeing for over 30 years, you can't lay me off. Oh and you're replacing me with a stupid young kid who knows nothing about aircraft? Boeing you are the greatest company EVER."
by Dennis Rader July 01, 2005
A medium-sized "city" in "Kansas". There's not much to say about it.
I'm going to Wichita. Far from this opera forevermore.
by Nutmegger November 26, 2004
Wichita is the biggest city in the dirt mounds of Kansas. The only things to do in Wichita is Sex, Drinking, Dancing and Drugs. If you ain't doing one of these than you have no life.
I had a great time last night drinking in Wichita, I had a lot of sex but I can't remember them.
by cscordas February 15, 2009
Wichita is one of the most boring places in Kansas, ever. Don't plan on ever having fun in this flat, yellow place full of gangster's who would gladly syphon the gas from your car, pop your tires, and steal your tv's anyday. Your entertainment in Wichita is going down to Walmart and watching their plasma tvs. If you do plan on having fun, chances are the spuratic, random rain will turn your fun day at the pool to a shitty, gloomy day back at the house. And don't bother watching television or playing on your computer, the lightning 5 inches away from your house will change that too. Good luck sleeping with 5 tornado's passing your house in a row; and yes, there really IS alot of tornado's here, and if they don't actually touch down, you waste time having to sit in your basement because the news channel said "this is serious".
As sweeney todd would say. "Theres a hole in the world like a great black pit and it's full of people who are filled with shit and it goes by the name of WICHITA"
by JynxBaby July 10, 2008
the most gangsta ass city in the world. when you think of wichita, you think of straight g's who kill people just for fun. just today, i killed 3 people, just cuz im from wichita. spahn's a fag too.
wichita, its so ghetto.
by Charlie Loughman April 29, 2007
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