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A supreme and alll powerfull being.. elusive in many cases. When "The Bray" as he is known, is revealed to the public, his skills are widely feared, and often confused with "the second coming". His hair is a sight to behold, rising above the rest in the fashion of an Elvis stylee skyscraper.Yes, Whybray he is indeed...
Yo man! the Whybray's in town! we oughta be seein' him before we get knocked up on the two way...
by Fievel July 27, 2003
yo the bray is a rokin rabbit who likes his cloiflower. he eats it in large quantiaties nd likes to hang out with the massive rabbits in the geto (burro)
wo check out the size ok the whybray
by red demon August 24, 2003
Hairy but good-natured individual who spends far too much time around Fievel/Marsh.
by Solitaire August 22, 2003
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