A person, usually of Italian heritage, that you may see leaving the local tanning salon. This breed usually sports am 80's track suit, with jacket unzipped far enough to show his wife beater, & gold herringbone with the Itialian Horn. Also these creatures can be found sporty a mullet especially the males & their female counterparts usually have big 80's hair & sport animal print tight clothing with hooker heels.

They may also be spotted in the wild at your local grocery store fighting over last pack of hot Itialian sausages & a have a buggy full of pasta.
They may anwser to whop, dego, or sphagetti snapper.
Dego thru snow, dego thru rain, but when dego go flat dego Whop, Whop, Whop!
by WV guido March 30, 2014
to give or get head or dome.
you gave the whopppp!
by wouldnt you like to know ha February 27, 2006
The sound uttered by the battle ship controlled by the robots of Krikkit as it blinks into existance at a random point in the universe. Upon hearing this sound, one should most likelly run the fuck away, or be murdered by robots brandishing clubs.

From Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. The best series in the history of ever.
"A Rory," said the girl, "it's just a small silver thing set on a large black base. What did you say?"
"I didn't say anything, I was about to ask what the silver..."
"Oh, I thought you said 'whop.'"
"Said what?"
by Vinic April 05, 2003
to be hit, to be beaten severly, to fight someone.
I woke up today ready to whop somebody's ass!
by tainochief November 04, 2010
Getting oral sex, receiving head
That girl had some crazy whop.
by m. Baz April 29, 2008
Similar to cool, tight, awesome, raw, sweet, rad, baller, and other words meaning good. But its more fun to say.
Guy #1: "dude, did you see that video of the midget doing a backflip?"

Guy #2: "Ya, it was so whop"

example 2

Guy #1: "I hooked with that one really hot chick from biology yesterday"

Guy #2: "No way! thats so freakin whop!"
by DaCatsMeow17 August 23, 2009
To force a person's head down using your hand and pushing down in a repetitive motion.
"I just whopped that kid"

"That kid just got his shit whopped"
by kevinnugent October 25, 2008

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