"Check that shit out, nigga!" Saying this in the early 90's was cool. If you say it now, even the most mark-ass crackers will laugh their asses off at you.
I made a sweet fadeaway in the last game and to celebrate I hit the ground and break-danced on the court, then I got up, raised the roof a couple times and yelled "Whoomp, there it is!" Then the other team had to forfeit because they were laughing too hard at my sorry cracker ass.
by Nick D February 12, 2003
The best Tag Team song from the early 90's
Tag Team back again
check and direct and let's begin
Party on party people let me hear some noise
DC's in the house jump jump rejoice
There's a party over here
a party over there
Wave your hands in the air
Shake your deriere
These three words when you're gettin' busy
Whoomp there it is!
by Anonymous March 16, 2003

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