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A wide range of underachieving gluttons that reside in the town of Orland Park, IL. Identifiable by their boisterous attitudes and lack of social ettiquette, these troll-like beasts are known to taint anything they touch.
See that dude on the end of the bar? The one that needs a shave and a shower? Total Whodad.

Let's pound cheap vodka and complain about our tab like a total Whodad!

Yo, I just asked that girl for her number and she slapped me like I was a total Whodad! Wtf?!!
by BuCu Bobby December 14, 2010
Much like a whatsit, a watchamacallit, and a gizmo. Generally anything random that doesn't really have a name.

This is an extremely technical term.
Please pass the whodad, I'm putting it on my gadget.

My ray-gun has more who-dads and whatsits than your uncles hover-board!
by AynEhlara April 10, 2010

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