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Whobag is a word for a skank, that u could give a fuck less about, however is hot enough to fuck. For example, when fucking a skank on a 1 night stand, you never commit the girls name into memory, or for that matter, ever listen to a word that comes out of her mouth. Than when your spitting the shit with your boys later, they will be like: Hey "who" did you take down last night? answer: Don't know, some fucking whobag. So essentially its a skank, or a whore bag that is just garbage enough to not have a name, hence the term whobag. Her real identity shall only be sought out if u acquire one of the 2 H's....All std's are curable accept the High 5, and Herpes....Than she might not be a whobag any more.
"Who was that smut giving you head behind the dumpster last night?" "I have no idea bro, just some WHOBAG."
a random bitch that is fucked, discarded, and not worthy of having her name remembered
I heard you slammed some nice pig last night. What's her name?

No fucking clue. Just another who-bag
by Rape King June 14, 2010
A Stupid Slut who is nobody, and annoys anyone , even people hardly annoyed.
Alicia wants to borrow my cellphone, but fuck that! cause damn, that bitch is one stupid whobag"
by Ghostface Thrilla January 20, 2012
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