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White translation: Who are you trying to mess with?

"Finna" directly means "fixing," a common southern-slang word that is used in the place of "going to do" or "attempting" and "try" is used in the place of "challenging." Combined, finna try means "fixing to do" which is then used to say, "who are you fixing to mess with" or "who are you trying to challenge."

It is a horribly structured phrase that is used when someone is acting extra tough or sassy and is challenging the one they are speaking to. It contains words that are not even real in the english language and should only be used if you are feeling in an extremely ghetto and uneducated mood
Person A gets all up in the grill of person B
Person B: "Who you finna try? Who you finna try? I bet it ain't me, I bet it ain't me, AHHHHHH"
by WeAreAnonymous(Well,IAm) January 09, 2013
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A term used by uneducated black people to express interest in what someone is going to do.
by Bulfinch December 14, 2010
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An ebonics expression used to express the more commonly known American-English expression; what are you planning to do. Literally meaning who are you fixing to try. In "what are you planning to do" the "what" can be replaced with who, the "planning" can be replaced with fixing, and the "do" can be replaced with try.
Dayum nigga who you finna try? Bitch ain't need no 12 inch in dey ass.
Shutup bitch I be finna try all up in dat ass all I want to! Pimpslap you right 'cross da face with all dat phat black ass-lip!
Respect nigga 'fo' I finna try what I finna try!
by Blargh-343GS January 26, 2011
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