1. Any fucktard who can't rub two brain cells together to meaningfully contribute to this fine but under-appreciated form of American culture and instead uses Urban Dictionary merely as a message board to voice criticism with a definition or someone else's superior command of the English language, or to make personal attacks on those who do contribute glibly and often.
2. An entity or person needing a cooler or just plain better handle.
1. Dude, I thought that "prom night" definition was fucking hilarious... and like most successful comedy bits, very true. Who's the uptight "Who Banger" trying to trash it? What an ignorant douche-bag!
2. Who the fuck would call itself "Who Banger?" Oh, of course, a Who Banger.
by Professor X May 08, 2003
Top Definition
one who partakes in sex with someone of the "who" race.
god dammit danny... quit bein a who banger
by Mike August 06, 2003
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