The last name given to someone of utter disappointment.
Dude, you might wanna go down to the court house and change your last name to Whitmore after that one.
#jake #whitmore #cody #hughes #gay
by Gay Joe W. January 22, 2012
Top Definition
The act of having sex with two hot chicks at once.
Those hot chicks other there was down for a whitmore last night.
#booty #whooty #ass #pussy #pussy lips
by #1 Homies June 18, 2009
n. - The act of having sex with a four-legged beast, dog
During Business Law, Stahl complained about being tired and Korey, not being one to allow that comment to go through, claimed it was due to a Whitmore last night, which was recieved with raucous laughter.
#beastiality #dog #sex #zoophilia #whitmore
by Sunday Sarge June 16, 2008
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