The WORST two towns in the state of Massachusetts. Though the high school is brand-new...the teachers can't even teach. Don't move there...If you live there...move away. There is nothing to do in Hanson, so kids go to the local supermarket for fun. *Gags* Everyone is so stuck-up despite the fact that its one of the poorest towns in the state. Trust me...i used to live there, but i escaped. These towns suck big-time.
Person 1: Look at that homeless person...
Person 2: Hey...I went to school with that guy.
Person 1: Where did you go to school?
Person 2: Whitman-Hanson...that's why he's a homeless drug addict. Poor guy never had a chance...
by Cunningham March 11, 2008
An amazing school district with an award winning High school. Many AMAZING people live(d) there.
you: Do you know where the drummer from Journey grew up?

me: Yeahh, went to Whitman-Hanson. Many cool people live there!
by dancingqueenxoxo January 20, 2011

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