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Someone who will sleep with a fat pig to further themselves in a community.
"Oh my god Stacey, did you hear what Sandra did?"
"No, what did she do?"
"She pulled a WhiteShadows on Mike and now shes a supervisor"
by If Revenge Could Get August 08, 2006

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1.A shadow that can be seen in broad darkness
2.A watermark of some sort
3.A white person acting black
4.A rapper from the 2000's (A.K.A. Derrick Gossett)
"Dude it's pitch black and I can still see my WHITE SHADOW."
by 1BADGUY July 26, 2009
A pedophile who tries to pick up children via chat rooms by exposing a small penis.
Some dirt bag just tried to white shadow me. What a dirt bag.
by ctgeek71 October 01, 2006