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1: The amazing likelihood that white girls, ESPECIALLY the suburbanized Daddy's girl type, will throw up a gang related, or at least otherwise symbolic, sign during a photo op. The two most common are the peace sign and the West side fingers. Even the difficult, two-handed "Bloods" sign has also been spotted in examples before as well. This occurs most often when the aforementioned white girls happen to be drunk, stoned, or somehow intoxicated.
2: One of the funniest videos on Youtube. Specifically illustrates the principle explained above.
1: "Oh, how surprising, another photo of your cracker-ass girlfriend and her 'homegirls' with a random inebriated 'white chicks and gang signs' pose. Do you really think ANY of those fuckheads are REALLY claiming Blood? We should keep them away from the hydro and drink when they've got a camera around."
2: "Dude, have you seen 'White Chicks and Gang Signs' on Youtube yet? It's all about your whitebread-ass girlfriend and those other dumb bitches she hangs out with!"
by KevinH112 August 18, 2009
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