Top Definition
1.Stack of cocaine.

2.Trae's "White brick" single featuring Young Jeezy & Lil Boss

"Sittin' on white bricks, wrapped in duct tape, thirty minutes flat, I could bake a whole cake."
by purpleurple July 26, 2007
1. Cocaine

2. Fresh drop of cocaine

"white bricks in, gonna get on my grind, gotta make that bread"
by Unpredict D April 16, 2007
When a guy has a perfect, straight, white smile. In pictures it appears like a white brick. This feature is super attractive and will get you fucked.
"Look at this picture of this guy I just met"
"Oh man, look at that white brick"
"I know, there's a puddle in my pants rn"
by lydiacampbell November 19, 2014
licoln quads 225
Terre Haute INdiana 47809
Indiana State university
1. ya i was jusst up in 225 and you know wat they got ..........ALL WHITE BRICKS!!
by bigj31689 January 27, 2009
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