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While in a pool or an ocean, you pull down your pants only to reveal your ass. You then fully emerge yourslef under water and swim to the nearest person. Then you curl in a ball and poke your butt out of the water, and all the person can see is your white ass. This is fun to do to a group of people just standing in the ocean talking.
I just gave Tim and his girlfriend the white turtle, I think I let out a tiny poot while my ass was in the air though, totally killer.
#ass fart #ass #white #turtle #white turtle #tim
by SlimeBucket January 04, 2007
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A saying when you and your friends are at a bonfire and the smoke is blowing in your face. If you say "White Turtle, White Turtle, White Turtle" the smoke will magicly stop following you and blow elsewhere.
Nine friends are sitting around a bonfire and the smoke has been blowing in your face the whole time. You say "White Turtle, White Turtle, White Turtle" and now the smoke is bothering your friend on the opposite side of the circle.
#white #turtle #smoke #bonfire #friends
by Tkette11 July 01, 2010
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