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The White Tragedy is an uplifting look at the characters’ darkest days. The heavy weight of the characters’ problems brings them close to their breaking point, but what could have been tragedy is averted by new reasoning in the perception of how the protagonists views their reality. The characters then shed the skin of worldly problems and are born anew.
White Tragedy had been influenced by films such as The Graduate, Dr. Strangelove, the work of Hal Ashby (in particular, Harold and Maude), the work of Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums) and various other feature films.

The term White Tragedy, coined by Lisa Wegner circa 2010, is a testament to the will to succeed through any tragedy and emerge from it a stronger and more balanced being. Lisa Wegner is an award winning filmmaker and a member of Cambridge Who’s Who. Lisa’s company Mighty Brave Productions follows the White Tragedy tradition in the films Countenance, Boundless, Outset, and The Gospel of Phi.
#black comedy #tragedy #hood rat #shorty #wu tang
by Mighty I June 08, 2010
a tragedy that has an element of comedy.
The drama, although purported to be a tragedy, is actually comical in nature. It is a white tragedy, indeed.
#comical tragedy #amusing tragedy #black comedy #tragic-comic #oxymoron
by uttam maharjan August 17, 2011
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