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A worthless old fart who works for an in-law and does absolutely nothing for the company and gets paid. This sort of individual is exceptionally good at web loafing.
Limpy B the white top, did quite well surfing the web today. It's a good thing we pay him $20/hour to keep our company running!
by DJ Hurricane February 20, 2013
Used to describe old people, generally with grey hair. Used as a term to express frustration at any old person ahead of you in traffic, a store line, etc.
"I was stuck behind this White Top in Wal-mart counting pennies to buy her Metamucil."
by CanadianRob October 01, 2006
a toyota fj cruiser due to the fact that they all have white roofs
we saw a jacked up white top with a brush guard and snorkel
by pump silvas October 02, 2009
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