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A food. Commonly used as a filler in meals as it's known to go with most anything. Also common due to being cheap. Kills birds at weddings.
I went to a Chinese resturaunt and got orange chicken over white rice.
by Melvin the Magician May 12, 2006
Any person of caucasian blood who attemps to imitate his asian counter-parts by either-
A. Buying an import car and performing cheap mods. (see Ricer)
B. Puting parts and stickers intended for use on an import car onto his domestic car. (like seeing a Mustang with a kanji symbol on it)
C. Dating only Asian chicks and any one of the afore-mentioned offenses.
Wow, that blonde dude is driving a supra with a cheap skanky AZN ho. What a White Ricer...
by MVC March 19, 2003
A Caucasian who wants to be/thinks he/she is of Asian descent. Often frowned upon by Asians.
Fuck that kid is white rice.
by JayPan April 22, 2003
1) Normally a Caucasian who acts or wants to act like Asian. Little derogatory.

2.) But also used to describe a Caucasian person who has actually lived in an Asian nation for a while or grew up in an Asian family. Not derogatory.
1 Check out that white rice in the souped -up civic.

2 We call him White Rice cause his dad was in the military stationed in Japan for 12 years.
by schoolisdeath January 12, 2005
A white male or female that yearns so intensely to be asian that at heart they belive they actually are
Eric thinking he can do kunfu... what a tripped out Karate Cracker
a non-asian person that has a lot of asian friends. They tend to be tall, white, and whine about everything. They usually try to dance, but have no swag compared to his asian friends.
Did you see that white rice at dance practice today?" "yeah, he wasnt very good.
by dat1aznboy May 07, 2011
A person of white and asian descent. An endearing term.
I call my friend Matt "white rice."
by obey1 January 23, 2004
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