someone deemed to be so insignificant that they are barely an entity; the only evidence of their existence is that someone somewhere heard a whisper of their name, long ago...
you are a total whisper of a human being.
by shadygeeeeza February 13, 2011
Top Definition
An app that is avaible for smart phones that let's you air some secrets or insecurities anonymously. PEOPLE can give you advice to help you and message you to help you as well. IT'S the best app ever.
A real whisper from whisper

No one knows I've been molested by my older cousin twice. NOT even my mother. I'M scared no one will believe me.
by jassybtwerkingandyikingitup June 27, 2013
Quiet, Understanding person. Mediator and Advice giver to all friends and family.
We should ask Whisper about this.
by Brock Jarvis May 26, 2012
Things that are dangerous to talk about, information normally uttered in hushed tones. "To stare at the whispers" means to eavesdrop.
Bar that! Whispers like that will get you killed if someone overhears you!
by Erin Montgomery April 30, 2010
Someone you go to the bar with, who never shouts drinks
Don't bother inviting Whispers for a beer, he never shouts!
by Mitch Phillips September 06, 2006
when someone has to go to the bathroom.
I gotta whisper! Be back!
by Elma May 14, 2005
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