Bodgey's tool. A very sexy weapon that a Certain trio love.
"May i whip you please"
by *Addy* January 30, 2005
To masturbate or stimulate ones own genitals.
Jack knew he wasn't scoring with any of the chicks at bar, so he went home to whip.
by Snocap September 19, 2006
A flyizzle carrizzle, likizzle a Mercedizzle-tha-hizzle Benzitoliolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I havizzle a Bizzle Mizzle Wizzle!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Hollllaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!11111
by Snoopi October 16, 2004
A fast, expensive automobile termed for the "whiplash" effect it has on the passengers engaged in sharp turns at high speeds
His whips include an F50 Ferrari and a Porshe 911 Turbo
by LoCal Sage July 18, 2005
Also see whipped
by x January 31, 2003
Fun. Evil. Pretty. Fun. Deadly. Fun. Fun. And fun.
"See Kurama: ROSE WHIP!!!!!!!!!!! ...NOt thatr we're gonna forget Malicious Misery."
by Marika February 14, 2004
n. One who changes attention quickly and/or drmatically.
My english teacher pisses me off!
Hey look at that bird!
by kyle February 28, 2005

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