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Also see whipped
by x January 31, 2003
n. One who changes attention quickly and/or drmatically.
My english teacher pisses me off!
Hey look at that bird!
by kyle February 28, 2005
Your maddest ride. In order to call yo car a whip, it's gotta be sitin on at least 20' or yo be wangstah, brotha
"I be ridin in my fly whip"
by MizJackson April 30, 2003
whips; is a tight ride or a phat gat dependin were u live blad
chattin bout whips: an da folks wit da most ice get tha hot ones
by 1 tru JOKA July 15, 2003
whips-when you how a whipcream can striaght up(so no cream comes out when you spary it) and you inhale the fumes through your mouth.
-wanna play whips?
-play what?
-whips.you know with a whip cream can
by dfhg45132 January 02, 2006
A crunk cell phone carried by ganstas like myself.
Hey, fella! Bring me my whip so I can call my ho.
by Gatormanager3 August 26, 2005
the area between the waist and the hips
damn, girlfriend gained sum pounds in doze whips'a hers
by ndee March 22, 2003