A contraction of the term "web-hip," implying a higher-than-usual ability to stay ahead of internet trends.
-"Check out this video of baby sloths on YouTube! They're so cute! I'm glad I discovered this!"
-"Baby sloths are so three days ago. The next big thing is the video of the slow loris with the umbrella. Watch it go viral."
-"Wow, you're so whip."
-"I was born whip, son."
by indigoelectrons March 09, 2011
a cool dance done with you whipping your arms
let me see you whip
by beautifumahina May 20, 2015
another name for bicycles in south Florida, dade, broward, palm beach
man some body stole my whip, or my handle bar loose on my whip
by generaldread June 07, 2013
Whip: noun - a really cool car that not many people can afford like a lamborghini, hummer, etc.

This name for a car originated on the streets of less than fortunate areas the name caught on shortly after someone started using the term
Man! That was da tightest whip I ever saw!
by cow tippin bastard May 25, 2009
being uncontrollably lucky
nick 'what, i didn't make the 4th team'?
ben 'hang on ill have a word'
mark ' yeah i believe you ben, your in first team'
joe 'you've done a whip'
by smiffy983 September 27, 2007
used to hit horses.
"I whipped Sally the horse to get her moving"
by mrstupidsillycrapadabadoda October 29, 2009
A tangible object with immediate value
Essentially anything a player desires....(see footnote 1.1)
"pass me that whip"
"wheres your whip?"
"shes a tight-whip"
The beauty of this term is it's simplicity accompanied with its unbelievable versatility.

*1.1 This term works strikingly well with your other day to day vocabulary (fuck, shit....kicker...)
by -Swan May 18, 2007

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