Whink(noun) A white man who sticks his dick in a chinks pussy.
ex. 1. Did you know that Tom is a Whink. 2. Tom Whinked Sara last night.
by AZ+RC February 26, 2005
Top Definition
A slang/derogatory term used to describe a white person who pretends or acts in a way as if they were Chinese. (White person + "chink" = whink) Could be compared to the term "wigger" for a white person acting like they were "ghetto", etc etc
"Man, Danielle is being a real whink."
by Tom McConnell September 26, 2006
A caucasian man or woman who tries to act and appear like an authentic asian.
Johnathan, a white male from Nebraska, says "Shit san, I love sushi ^.^" as he pulls his sun-goggles over his visor which rests on his red-streaked, spiked hair, onto his purposely squinted eyes and pulls his 3"x2"1" Fuji Digital Camera out of his wickedly awesome fanny pack, ready to take a snap of his friend, Cindy, scratching some sick beats on a pair of turn tables.
by Kyle Peterson August 28, 2005
The outcome of when some white man fucks a chink and she has a baby.

Brandon Massey.
by Tyler September 13, 2003
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