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A person who must complain about anything and everything to any and everyone because they truly believe they are the exact center of the Universe.
1. "Fuckin shit, she's bitching about her boyfriend again, she's such a whiney cunt!"

2. "Everyone who demands a deletion of definitions on Urban Dictionary given the excuse that it offends them because they are (cat lovers, italians, homosexual, americans, black, honda drivers, nazis, cs players, children, christians, assholes, french, perverted, liberal, blonde, etc..) are all whiney cunts and need to shut the fuck up!"

3. "All 12-15 year old teeny boppers who complain about how much their life sucks are whiney cunts."
by Chickens Wife June 13, 2004

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An ass who almost constantly lies in the face of those around them, generally to try to attract attention or gain friends. When confronted with a Whiney Cunt, extreme measures of distancing yourself from them is necesary, due to overwhelming stench of unwashed ass and hair.
Cool Guy "Geeze Kath, what's with the whiney cunt you introduced me to? He lies like a Mo-fo!"

Kath "I know, and did you smell that ass? Christ could melt steel with those fumes. D:"

Cool Guy *Nods and melts*