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The act of fucking someone from behind while holding them up by their extended legs.
I was doing your girlfriend from behind last night but she got a charlie horse, so when ended up doing the wheel barrel.
by KDN May 22, 2004
It's WHEELBARROW, you illiterate shmucks.
Wrong: I was totally wheel barreling that chick, dude. High five.

Right: I was totally wheelbarrowing that chick, dude. High five.
by happywaffle September 18, 2009
A sexual position where you grab a girls legs around your body like a 'wheelbarrow' and proceed to jackhammer her from behind while she walks around on her hands.
Rollercoaster's g/f reversed the wheelbarrel position on him by surprise while he was sleeping.
by bewbew April 06, 2004
when have intercourse with a girl in the "doggy style" position, the female's legs are lifted in the air, as if you are engaged in a wheel barrel race, and and her body is thrust forward into a wall or other hard object.
i was fucking this chick up the ass last night and when i came,i wheel barreled the bitch, her head went straight through the wall!
by Sebastian Wood October 18, 2004