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A women who is, or appears to be, of questionable hygiene. Usually projecting a "hoochie" image. Synonym: Skank, Stank Ho, Stank Hoe.
I don't need to smell her, I already know Courtney Love is a Stank Hole.
by kdn June 11, 2004
The sight of someone so sexually unattractive you cannot take your eyes off of them.
The sight of Star Jone's cellulite ridden ass in a thong was disgusting yet riveting, I found her flacidnating.
by KDN June 07, 2004
The act of fucking someone from behind while holding them up by their extended legs.
I was doing your girlfriend from behind last night but she got a charlie horse, so when ended up doing the wheel barrel.
by KDN May 22, 2004
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