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A sex move used by females to make blowjobs taste better. They put two peices of bread in between the penis head and suck on it.
A whore loved giving head but hated the taste so she did what is called a wheathead and it made her life better.
by Tbone75 November 08, 2009
Someone who thinks their arguments are a pinnacle of human wit and intelligence but are, in fact, just mindless dribble containing nothing more than a few insults with the phrase "Fuck You" and about banging ones mother/sister/father.

Derived from a Youtube video in which someone (with the name Wheathead) made a video with the intentions of showing his supreme brilliance in the field of 'Disputing' but, like the title shows, utterly failed to show his genius.
Oh Man. I spent half of last night arguing with a total Wheathead!
by Peepo August 02, 2009
Someone who listens to and is hooked on Whole Wheat Radio.
The guy is such a wheathead. Spens all day listening to Whole Wheat Radio.
by Patrick Broadfoot October 23, 2003