A phrase uttered when one is in an extreme state of baffledness or disbelief; Typically used when one encounters a shocking moment.
Carina: I ate my dog, Bassie's poop today!
Trevor: Ahh what the?
#what the hell #what the fuck #no way! #no! #what!?
by Mr. Rigg January 04, 2008
Top Definition
shortcuts for What the hell! What the fuck!
What the!
What the hell!
by Kevin Goh March 01, 2005
short for "what the hell" or "what the fuck". a rove-ism.
"I think Vanessa Amarosi has a hot ass"
"What the?!"
by xxoo May 14, 2003
An expression of surprise, or incomprehension.

Also see
What the hell
What the heck
What the fuck
What in Blue Blazes
As his slumbering mind was touched by the dawning rays of wakefulness, his first impression was of a mop of frizzy orange hair brushing his face. Awareness suddenly slapped him upside his head, not only was there was a person seated on his lap, but he was strapped inside a car sardine-can-packed with clowns, missiling towards a burning building. "What the!" he exclaimed.
by Chaz July 20, 2005
a way of sayin "what the fuck" without having to curse.
You took my cd?? What the..
by 5 dolla November 17, 2003
Similar to all "What the..." expressions, but left uncompleted because of immediate devastating circumstances occuring before the individual is able to complete the expression.
a.) Used in horror movies - directly before victim discovers monster emerging from the plumbing or some other unexpected place. Victim says "What the..." and then is interupted abruptly by slime monster attack.

b.) As an element of surprise - "What the..." used as individual looks down at their shoe, after stepping in something soft and squishy on lawn.

c.) Similar usage: "What DA..." in extreme northern and southern geographical areas.
by K Gruby-Hill February 19, 2005
What one says when in shock and is in public.
"Sir, your car's been stolen."

"What the--?"
#expletive #what #the #question mark #polite
by nobodyinparticular March 24, 2007
A word to define something weird or out of the ordinary commonly used by Ash Chlo

#what #the #chloe #asher #joe #danks #whta #teh #james #meader
by CravendaleBoy March 23, 2011
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