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1. In the context of a conversation:
a)A way of commenting that a third party is an asshole
b)An under-the-breath muttering in response to some offense, essentially a roundabout way of calling the offender an "asshole." Can be used seriously or for humor.
2. In the context of a single party speaking: A way of recognizing that the previous comments made were insensitive.
Allan:...and then Kareem punched me in the balls
Nish: what an asshole...

Kareem: Oh shit, I just spilled coffee on your laptop
Allan: What an asshole...

Kareem: Your relationship is doomed to fail
Vaishnavi: What an asshole...

Kareem: I'm sorry.. I couldn't hold it in...
Natsuki: What an asshole...

Kareem: ...but then I slapped her. What an asshole.
by aznhazmat February 01, 2009
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