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A gravity bong hit. This is a specific type of gravity bong hit originated in Akron, Ohio. The bong hit is taken from a two-liter soda bottle, which has had its bottom removed. The cap of the bottle has a bowl head that is placed into the top. This contraption is then inserted in to a source of water that covers at least half the bottle. Insert smoke. Pull the bottle from the water while the cap is attached. Hold a lighter to the bowl while gravity forces the smoke magically into the bottle. Remove the cap and let Sir Isac Newton do the rest.
Jr and Porter were always high from whappers.
by THE TONY BANANAS July 30, 2008
Someone who whaps three balls in basketball. A prolific three point shooter, swishing often, a shot that sounds like a whap.
The team is pretty good but they need a whapper.
by aberdean December 29, 2009
To whap. Or to own an object that whaps. Sometimes used as another word for penis or edible fruit cake.
I will Pull out my whapper and smurf you.
by Bad_fish November 09, 2003
A line of cocaine.
That girl looks really spun, she must have done a HUGE whapper
by Raw Doggie September 15, 2003
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