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A catchy phrase to display Dominance

replacing phrases such as "In Your Face" etc.

An Extreme Reaction to an instance in life

ESPN Top Plays
other guys: "Hey what are we about to do tonight?"
Alpha Male: "We're about to WhamBammy this party!"
other guys: now become 'hype other guys'

Sports Announcer "And he just crushes that pitch WhamBammy, that was a Bomb!"

Graphic Artist: "so what do you think of that?"
Client: "this is dope."
Graphic Artist: "WhamBammy"

Kid 1: "Man this dude keeps messin with me, I'm tired of it"
Kid2: "Don't complaint to me man, hit him with the Whambammy and knock his a** out!"

Sports Announcer: "Oh My and he lands the haymaker, WhamBammy, with the Right!"

ESPN Top Plays
by geekGREM March 07, 2012
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