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A Whalney is a combination of a Whale and a Pony. It came from the word "Whalorse", meaning the mixture of a whale and a horse. "Whalney" depicts the balance between mammals and aquatic life to publicize the true beauty of nature. Also, "Whalney" is the name of a cafe settled in Illinois.
I don't know if my favorite animal is a whale or a pony. Good thing I can choose a Whalney.
by Mado-chan November 16, 2010
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A coalescence of a whale and a pony which emanated from the word "Whalorse" which is another majestic animal that is a coalescence of a whale and a horse. The Whalney was a newly found species on the month of October 2010.

There are very few existing at the moment, or at least have been seen. At times, it swims due to the fact that it is a marine creature, as well as a mammal. They are equivalent to the platypus, considering the fact that it can breathe on land as well as water. The Whalney's flipper is the only muscle that allows it to move on land, such as a Walrus. The abnormal fact about a Whalney is that it has the capability to fly like a bird. It does not have wings, nor does it levitate. Although, the tail flaps on the Whalney's tail move rapidly in high winds, causing the Whalney to lift from the ground, and rise as high as 20 feet as the limit. When it is frightened, the Whalney squirts a poisonous venom from its spout, paralyzing the predator. They come in various color combinations, but there is no physical difference in Whalneys besides their colors.

Their balance of marine creatures, mammals, and Aves defines what nature truly stands for, and why nature is a beautiful thing; to be cherished and taken care of for all eternity. The Whalney is currently the star of environmental awareness, and it is to be law that a Whalney cannot be hunted.

In other words, Whalney is also the name of a cafe which is located in Millstadt, Illinois.
Person: Whalneys are the best mascots to nature~!


Person: Wanna head down to the Whalney? Coffee's on me.
by KiraMasterHana November 24, 2010
Simply the best of all marine creatures, mammals, and birds. Some may refer to it as "Jesus whale"
Holy fuck it's a whalney. Go. Take. A. Picture.
by Reiokesis. April 04, 2011

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