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If something is the coolest of the cool, the biggest of the big, then it is "Whale Penis," because penises are important, and nobody rocks the penis harder than the whale, owner of the world's largest penis.
Sin City is so Whale Penis, man, that the day I saw it, my wife and kids left me, I got fired from my job, and my car blew up, but it was still an awesome day because I saw that Whale Penis movie.
by Josh Hartnett August 02, 2005
230 100
a 40 foot long appendage on a whale
the whale penis is over 40 feet long
by thetomsmith04 August 08, 2006
130 79
It's a color... it's like purple, blue, and pink all at the same time, yet none of those colors ever. It will surely blow your minds... your minds will explode.
Where I come from we know colors, and whalepenis is one of them.

Hey, I like your whalepenis colored top, it's my fav color.

by Foxen April 28, 2008
4 3
when a jacket is zipped up all the way to the top.
"Wow, that's a cool jacket."
"She must be cold because sh zipped it all the way to the top, she kind of looks like a whale penis."
by tacoma335 March 11, 2008
31 44
Dork: Namely ones who "hang" in chat rooms.
James is a whale penis.
by intangible March 16, 2004
54 77
Someone or something that is very annoying.
Lacie is a whale penis.
by doggyman45454 November 06, 2006
27 65